Pedro Capó Sings About Centro Munay

Pedro Capó Sings About Centro Munay “Here I am with the Maestro Don José Campos.Look at the beauty awaiting us here.This is the gift of life… We’ll wait for you here… at Munay” Discover the magical journey of Puerto Rican singer Pedro Capó as he visits the transformative ayahuasca retreat center of Don José Campos […]

Book and Film about Don José Campos

Don José’s Book: The Shaman and Ayahuasca This book is available on Amazon: “Internationally respected Peruvian shaman Don José Campos illuminates the practices and benefits of Ayahuasca with grace and gentleness and much respect and gratitude for the gifts Ayahuasca has bestowed on him throughout the 25 years he has been a practicing shaman. He takes […]

Ayahuasca Brew and Therapeutic Perspectives

Ayahuasca Brew and Therapeutic Perspectives By JACQUES MABIT, JOSE CAMPOS, and JULIO ARCE Originally published in Spanish in the Revista de Neuro-Psiquiatría in 1992, based on research done at Takiwasi Rehabilitation Center for Drug Addicts and Research of Traditional Medicines, in Tarapoto, Peru, in collaboration with the National Institute of Traditional Medicine, Ministry of Health, […]