Centro Munay

Pedro Capó Sings About Centro Munay

“Here I am with the Maestro Don José Campos.
Look at the beauty awaiting us here.
This is the gift of life…
We’ll wait for you here… at Munay”

Discover the magical journey of Puerto Rican singer Pedro Capó as he visits the transformative ayahuasca retreat center of Don José Campos in Centro Munay. This breathtaking video captures Pedro’s heartfelt gratitude towards this life-changing experience, expressed through his beautiful song.

Enjoy this incredible footage of an award-winning artist who has won three Latin Grammy Awards and was nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album in 2021 with his album “Munay.” Join Pedro as he immerses himself in the powerful healing properties of ayahuasca and witness his inspiring journey of self-discovery.


“Munay” by Pedro Capó

Produced & Filmed by Ovie Torres

Creative Direction / Post Production by TheRaccoonteurs.com

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