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Don José's Book: The Shaman and Ayahuasca

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“Internationally respected Peruvian shaman Don José Campos illuminates the practices and benefits of Ayahuasca with grace and gentleness and much respect and gratitude for the gifts Ayahuasca has bestowed on him throughout the 25 years he has been a practicing shaman. He takes the reader on a journey through his own difficulties in the discovery of other worlds, other dimensions, ‘alien’ entities and ‘plant teachers.’ Among other things, he discusses his difficulties in coping with some of the concepts taught to him by his plant teachers like the discovery that everything has consciousness. But if we accept this, our entire cosmology shifts for the greater benefit of mankind.

Along with Don José’s ‘transmission,’ we meet Pablo Amaringo. The world famous visionary painter talks about his art and his experiences as a shaman and the shocking reasons he stopped. Other voices include Julio Arce Hidalgo, biochemist and philosopher, and Don Solon, at 92 years old, the sole surviving Maestro of Don José. If one is interested in this most fascinating subject but is put off or frightened by the traveller’s tales, this is the perfect book to introduce you to the profound experiences of Ayahuasca.”

The Documentary

There is also a beautiful documentary film that accompanies the book.

It is available on-line here: https://divineartsmedia.com/products/the-shaman-ayahuasca-journeys-to-sacred-realms-download

“This is a gem of a movie — contemplatively paced, beautifully photographed, and filled with insights into the practice of ayahuasca shamanism in the Upper Amazon. The interviews with shaman José Campos, visionary artist Pablo Amaringo — the last before his death — and phytochemist Julio Arce Hidalgo provide a solid grounding for the story of the filmmaker’s own quest for healing and understanding. Poignant and moving, the film is enriched with an evocative soundtrack by Peruvian recording artist Artur Menas Salas.”

– Steve Beyer, author Singing to the Plants