Centro Munay


Apr 30 2024 - May 12 2024


10 Day Dieta
All Day


$ 1 700.00

April Ayahuasca Dieta (3 Spots left)

Peruvian Dieta in the Amazonian Jungle led by Don Jose Campos

In the words of Don Jose:

“The dieta can be described as a school, where one discovers and strengthens one’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual discipline. It is a process of healing and purification that helps to know oneself more deeply and where one has the opportunity to access that space of self-knowledge.

Through the dieta, one can re-tune oneself to the rhythms of nature, as well as detoxify from electromagnetic radiation and frequencies. You will be able to have a reencounter with your own nature through nature.”

*During your dieta experience, aside from the ayahuasca ceremonies, you will also be “dieting” a brew of other plants chosen for you by Don Jose Campos, based on your physical health, needs and prior experience. You will receive these brews regularly during your stay.


Day 1 –  Arrival to Pucallpa

Day 2 – Travel into the Amazon jungle

Day 3 – Plant bath in the morning. At 5PM the first Ayahuasca ceremony will start.

Day 4 – Dieta of secondary plants begins*

Day 5 – Second Ayahuasca Ceremony

Day 6 – Walk through the jungle identifying medicinal plants and trees

Day 7 – Third Ayahuasca Ceremony

Day 8

Day 9 – Fourth Ayahuasca Ceremony

Day 10

Day 11 – Last Ayahuasca Ceremony ( Starts at 8am )

Day 12 – Return to Pucallpa. Opportunity to buy local crafts.

Day 13 – Group leaves

If you are interested to learn more about the dietas and find out if this is experience is right for you, please Book a Free Call with one of Don Jose’s assistants.